5 things that sucked my energy in 2018.

Its the end of the year, the best time that everyone awaits for, time to eat lots of junk off-course, time to put the diets on a pause for most of us. But how has 2018 been for you. For me this year gone has been the most educational year ever, I opened myself up to self-evaluation, I faced the truth in the effort to create a better me, and guess what… it felt good. Here are the five things I had to boot out in 2018.

  1. Crying over relationships

I thought I should start here, I was never a “whats done is done type of a person”. I believed in starting something and seeing it through, winning at all situations. I even treated relationships as my own little project that I have to work hard for and ensure its success. Even when things were going south I would fight hard to steer that ship to where I thought it should go., nothing was too big for me. However nothing worked, only thing is I got drained, tired and depressed, .. until I found this secret

The secret I uncovered with relationships is that everyone we get involved with has a purpose, some people have been put on our path so they can teach us lessons about ourselves and those lessons do help us grow. Whatever department we fail in as individuals the universe will send someone or some situation to help us make changes in that department. To make this more understandable I will give an example. Up until now I have lacked in self-love, so most of the relationships I have had were with people expecting more from me but they have been giving less out. And so because I didn’t love myself I would keep giving and pumping, getting zero in return. The strange fact is I kept attracting the same people so the wheel kept spinning round and I didn’t understand why. The end result was a major breakdown and that’s when I took time off to reflect, and its at that point when the self discovery journey begun. I learnt the art of putting myself first.

I also understood that Some people however are strategically placed to support and promote us; help us reach our greatest heights, such people may stay with us for life or they may not, but these are the people we live to remember and again wonder why the relationship did not make it, But then we forget that by helping us they served their purpose.

So after knowing that not everyone that comes in my way is meant to stay, and more so I no longer cry over a lost relationship, and I no longer force a situation to go a certain direction.

2. Fear of being awkward

Ever been called strange… awkward… anti-social. These are the names available on the shelf for those people that are ready to stand firm on who they are and what they like. We live in a world whereby everyone should be like everyone else, if you are brave to break away from the crowd then be ready for the name calling. Before my awakening I used to attend parties and events I had no reason attending, problem is I didn’t know how to say “NO”. On the inside I so wanted to say no, but I had fear of being awkward so “yes” is the only answer I would give. So many of us do things we have no business doing,things that don’t impress us.

If this is you then remember you are not alone, that used to be me and I was drained. At the present moment I embrace my awkwardness, and guess what.. I call myself awkward now and it feels so so good, because I am now saying NO to other people and saying Yes to me. I am doing things I am happy about. I am generally a house person so I wont go out there and pretend to be social when really its paining me to the core.

3.Expectations, goals and resolutions

I found that setting goals and resolutions is the reason why I used to feel unfulfilled and some how a failure. First of all my goals were way too unrealistic, that’s true for most of the world, but assuming the goals are realistic here is the problem.. life does not always go the way we plan. The universe always has a plan which is contrary to our plans. When we expect to have achieved something within a given time-frame the universe pushes us into a certain direction, then our goals are delayed. If this happens then the human mind goes into depression mode, the brain tells us that we have failed, and our energy drops. One thing that our mind does not tell us is that the universe calls the shots, everything happens in divine order, we have lessons to learn and when the universe pushes us back its always because we need to grow and the only way of growing is through experiencing things that push us off our planing and comfort zone.

And so having discovered this universal secret I got rid of my goals and new year resolutions notebook. I now live a life of no expectations and its fantastic, no heart breaks because something didn’t happen, and because of that I am receiving unexpected gifts from the universe. Setting goals can sometimes be like working against gravity,it is a hit and miss.. only the powers that be know when the right time is. Set no goals and be free.

4. Blaming other people

Yes.. this used to be a big problem I embraced and supported for a long long time. I would trust other people’s judgements when it comes to my life and would listen to their views, if they say don do this I wouldn’t. But what happens if they are wrong? yes you guessed it.. anger, warfare, disappointment. I would obviously blame them for my failure. What if they push me to do something which puts me in trouble, I would blame them again. So I found that getting other people to tell me what to do is an excuse for not making the decision myself, and an excuse for not taking responsibility and off course an excuse to blame those people and be bitter.

5. Thinking I have to be nice all the time

As I was growing up my parents used to emphasise on how nice and kind I had to be, how God loves nice people and how they get repayment for their niceness. Here is the thing I learnt after years of being nice, “it doesn’t pay as much as they said it does”. I used to believe in helping out people, I was a go to person, but I stopped and here is why, simply put.. the world we live in has no room for nice people. I learnt that nice people get taken advantage of just like I was, they get bullied, and because they maintain their nice character they keep receiving the same treatment.

Lets be honest, its good to be nice but being taken advantage of sucks, when other people stump all over us we are left hurting and crushed, This affects our happiness, it takes away our positive energy and eventually we feel like as though the universe is against us.

So everyday I make it a conscious choice to live happy and embrace positive energy, these are the 5 things that have been draining my positive energy and these things can stop anyone from manifesting their true life’s desires.


Addressing the devil within: Imprisoned by my own mind

Since the beginning of time the human mind has been known to be a powerful tool. Even before all the fancy technology, our ancestors had clever ways of creating and surviving, all because of the mind. As fantastic as the mind can be, the same mind has also acted as the “devil” for mankind. The ” devil” is what people blame for the unfortunate events in their lives, as much as some people may believe the devil to be an entity out there in the jungle or space,…we believe it to be an entity working with a remote to destroy us and cause misery, I have also come to believe that the “devil” could also be our mind.

Without wasting time addressing the devil out there, lets address the mind as the devil. The mind is our thought box, and thoughts are energy which can move us positively or negatively, thoughts can make us happy or sad, they can help us put in the work to achieve greatness… or just cause us to slack and reap nothing. With our mindset we can choose to live in heaven… or hell of which can be same as a prison. Here is how my mind put me in jail.


Our childhood is important as it seems to detect where we go as adults. Having spoken to a few adults going through mental issues including myself, I find a common denominator, and that is childhood pains. As much as this can not be used as an excuse it is fact, our childhood tends to shape our thinking, whatever we go through, whatever we are taught at that tender age ( good or bad) tends to stick to our mind and subconscious. As a child I experienced school bullying, every school seems to have a bully or two, these blood sucking nobodies can make anyone exist in fear of other people, from our childhood years extending to our adult years we exist in this mental torture. Anytime we allow fear to take the drivers seat we are in a mental prison.

Most bullying is verbal, which is psychological. Whatever bullies say to their victims, it doesn’t end there, it lives forever because our subconscious absorbs everything, only to retrieve it later on. As strange as it may seem, our mind can absorb information from other people more easily whether we like it or not, then that plays over and over in our minds and we end up believing it. Without mental training the mind responds to negative information about ourselves, we become so hot and bothered about the bad, this is how bullies get the best of us, this programming our mind to make us believe the garbage things they want us to accept about ourselves… BUT are we really what they say we are? Every time we believe what other people say about us, we are again living in a mental prison, we end up becoming what they say we are, other than deciding for ourselves who we are.

Mental prison to me has always been about believing in external forces other than myself, believing that I have no power over my life, believing that there is something out there pushing my life to a certain direction. Mental prison is letting people’s thoughts detect where I go. The devil within refers to thoughts that harm me, thoughts that promote other people however they don’t do so well for me. I never had the knowledge and the understanding of the negative mindset I had, that it was actually working against me. My thinking was manifesting in the physical, and because I lacked information on how the universe works with us I was blaming the devil outside for my misfortunes ( which in-fact I created with my mind). This is how the mind becomes the devil within.

So how did I get past this?

Ok.. I have one word answer for this question, and its reprogramming. Mind reprogramming to me has been about just changing the old habits, going on a journey within and letting go of the pains and baggage. I find that Changing the mindset is a long process that can briefly cause mental warfare, and to explain why this happens, its because the for years and years my mind was used to thinking and believing certain things, and as I work hard to go with the new, my mind wants to default to the old which it is comfortable with. So.. reprogramming requires patience, it requires one to take control of the mind and tell it where to go.

There you have it, if you are like me and have been living in a mental prison and your mind is the devil, its time to try something else. If still living in fear of people places and things, that can change. Good luck friend.

5 easy habits that I have tried and can promote your mental and your spiritual

A happier peaceful and more fulfilling life is what most of us dream of, most of us believe the more money we have then we will be happy, we will have no mental drama right? so we think. To cut it simple, nothing can help anyone elevate their mental and spiritual other than themselves, we have to make this our number one priority. The financial out look ain’t getting better, life still demands a lot from us, so we have no other way than help ourselves, by discovering and implementing these few changes in my life, I have gotten rid of anxiety and depression despite of my ten thousand everyday problems.

  1. Wake up with a smile

Lets face it, its hard to get out of bed sometimes, we have to wake up to bills and extra financial demands we really can do without. And sometimes we have to go to a job we don’t enjoy, so its only fair for one to wake up with a grumpy self. However grumpy we wake up, we still have to face the rubbish emotions that come with the it… we become a prisoner of our own dullness and negative attitude. More over what we do first in the morning detects how our day will be, a grumpy start leads to a grumpy day, hence some people walk around sad, angry and fighting everyone and everything.

So obviously waking up grumpy isn’t the best choice, so change it a little, try smiling or even laughing,.. (they will say you are crazy but they will also laugh because you are laughing ). No matter what one is going through, a smile can change the internal environment of anyone. Remember we have no control of what happens out there, but we can control it by controlling our internal which means whatever is going outside of us does not affect us as long as we keep the internal at peace. Smiling can trick the brain into thinking something good is happening, thereby releasing happy hormones. And once you are happy in the morning, the stage is yours baby, you good to fly. NOTHING WILL TOUCH YOU.

2. Meditate

Surely we have all heard of meditation, there are a lot of books, web sites and videos on meditation, some say do it this way but not that way, the law of ” the right vs wrong”. Having done mediation for a while now, I would say this to a beginner or someone interested,.. there is no right way or wrong way to mediation but there is one goal to aim for, and that is to “CALM DOWN THE MIND”. Meditation to me is about calming my inner self, listening to my thoughts without making it a choice to think. I learn that if we give the mind a chance to wonder, it will get tired and eventually come to a stand still, and when it does I find that our higher self comes takes over, giving us advice and universal secrets, now that the mind is not jumping about causing distractions.

I found that doing meditation as soon as I wake up helps get rid of “junk mail” in my head, it eliminates brain noise and useless thinking, leaving my brain to receive important messages from the cosmos. As I mentioned that there is no right or wrong in meditation, some people do active meditation, they use yoga, running, walking to clear the mind. While some people such as myself choose to sit down (the Buddhism way) and engage the mind. Its all up to you, whatever works.

3.Think less/walk more

As the health gurus would say “eat less..move more”. I say for a better mind “think less and move more”. Just as I mentioned above, some people take active meditation. I found out that walking is good meditation, it is physically less demanding , again there is no right way or wrong way to walking.. ( as long as your eyes are open to see where you are going). I find that walking allows my brain to wonder off and eventually come to a halt without me forcing it. I choose to walk to work at times because unlike driving I do not need to concentrate on anything and I will still be safe.

Walking requires one to go out, the advantage to this is we get to breath in outdoor air which is free of indoor heat from radiators, And again as we walk the body takes in more oxygen of which studies have shown that the brain uses more of the oxygen than the muscles. Moreover walking burns calories, why not kill two birds with one stone.

4. Be an early bird

Waking up at 5 o’clock or 6 has never been a favourite thing to do, I used to spend my entire morning in bed, only to wake up midday. But then I made a realisation that every time I wake up midday my body gets more tired, a bit sluggish compared to the days I am forced to rise early due to work or other commitments. And so I challenged myself to work up at 5am, fairly speaking this is easy to do during summer, in winter it is the hardest thing, but very rewarding in two ways.

First, it gets more work done early. leaving the rest of day free to chill and do whats really important to us. Secondly the mind is more powerful and creative during the early hours of the morning, so if you have some creative work to do such as writing (music, poems, blogs, books) or studying, this is the best time.

Moreover our mind can easily download information from the universe, however a fresh “clutter free”mind is the best in downloading universal secrets. But it goes without saying, waking up early is based on one having an early bedtime, there is no magic to that. Our mind can not be tricked, it knows how many hours of sleep we’ve had, even if we want to force it with coffee it really doesn’t comply very well.

5. The old song about “diet”

Yes.. this is a song that so many of us never want to hear, simply because whenever someone is addressing diet they are talking about weight lose and beauty. Now.. a lot of us have tried all sorts of diets available on the shelf but none have worked so whenever the word”diet” pops up no one wants to hear. BUT here I am addressing diet, I am talking about going for superfoods that are good for the mind. Foods that also elevate our energy and boost the mind so it naturally downloads that infor from the universe. Foods such as wheatgrass, spirulina, goji berries, broccoli etc. Water is also good for the brain as it washes away toxins, leaving it receptive to guidance.

So we may struggle to get rid of the pounds, but surely we can focus on boosting the mental, and we can all benefit from a more happier intelligent brain, and a balanced spiritual aspect of us.

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7 Secrets to being truly happy

As the financial climate changes for the worst and technology advances, more people are becoming unsettled and unhappy. More of us are in comparison mode, wanting to live a life of perfection which is being detected by celebrities on television and social media. Every person is going through something, but I say happiness is the main thing, inner peace and joy is the key to a healthy mental state, and that can be possible regardless of what one is going through. These are my secrets of being happy, tried and put to use.

1.Face whatever is making you unhappy

This point may seem unreal, because a lot of us have been encouraged to walk away from our problems, avoid them and hope they go away. We sweep them under the carpet and pretend they are not there, but off course they never can grow legs and walk away. I spent many years of my life looking to be happy, I was in an unfulfilling relationship but still stayed because I thought one day things will be better but nothing changed because I wasn’t changing anything. And for a while I was stuck in an industrial job that was physically too demanding and was affecting my health, moreover it had low pay. Finally one day I woke up to the knowledge that if I was unhappy its only me that can change the situation to suit my desire, only through being truthful to myself. Facing the enemy makes the enemy weak, and so facing our problems makes us emotionally resistant to their effects. But the most important thing is facing our problems allows us to find solutions for them, which means they are solved quicker and thereby leaving us free.

2. 100 % self acceptance

Most people feel unhappy because of not embracing who or what they are. Aspects of our life we can not change have made us unhappy, like race, ethnicity, gender for some, skin colour. We focus on other people (while they are also focusing on us) and think of them as happy and under control, if only we knew what they are dealing with then we wouldn’t even pray to be them, but because we don’t know we tend to make up a life for them in our heads and that life tends to be trouble free.

Self acceptance is my favourite secret because if I am accepting myself I really don’t care what another person thinks. With self acceptance you get to love all your flaws, your failures, and the good about yourself too. 100% self acceptance cuts out competition with friends, which is also the number 1 reason why some people are not happy. Live in your own world and run your own race alone, you can never come last if you are the only competitor.

3.Watch your thinking

The “kybalion” talks about the 7 Hermetic principles or the universal laws. The first law which is the “Law of mentalism” is all about how our mind/ thinking can influence the universe to change the outcome of our lives on a daily basis. It states that what we think is what shall become. Negative thoughts generally makes us unhappy, and as we embrace negative thinking so we encourage that what we think to manifest, then we go through a series of being unhappy. Its not always easy to think positive, the human mind has been generally trained to default to doom, however this can change. I have made happiness my priority by waking up everyday consciously telling my mind “I am happy and choose to be happy”.

4. Watch who you surround yourself with

It is so easy to stick to the same situation and same group of friends, but are those friends helping or they are destroying. At times we have friends who are ready to talk down on us, ready to backbite us and compete with us. There is no doubt that such friends cause unhappiness, so the best course of action will be to have the love for yourself and walk away from them. The type of people we spend most time with can shape us, or can destroy us and make us sad. Always aim for friends that promote you.

5.Always go with your gut

Ever wanted to do something or go somewhere and a friend or family stops you?… And you know in your gut that this was the best decision for yourself, but still cant go because you are choosing to go with the external advice. The problem is most of us will thereafter spend time thinking about the missed opportunity, regretting and dreaming about how it could have been if we had just done what we wanted. I have come to an understanding that everyone has a path, the way to being happy is to go on a journey within and listen to what our higher self is telling us, then following the advice because it leads us to our journey which holds our true happiness.

6.Be aware that being happy is a decision

You may be going through a storm, but can also make a decision to be happy, eventually the storm will mean nothing to you. We have seen numerous celebrities with loads of money and material possession BUT they are unhappy. This truly shows that money can not buy happiness, nothing does, not even a relationship.

7. Stop overthinking

Same as negative thinking, overthinking is a equally bad. I used to overthink a lot, I would spend an entire week thinking about one problem, be it a mistake I did at work or a family issue. My mind was trained to rewind a situation, and I would kick myself for the entire week. I would overthink myself into a headache, and end up with two problems. The problem with overthinking is it doesn’t solve anything, its all about worrying and not actually getting nowhere fast. It also encourages our body to release large amounts of cortisol, a stress hormone that makes well…. gain weight. So a bit of thinking shows we are humans, but too much of it leads us to endless unhappiness.

So there it is, these are the few tips on how to be happy, calm and peaceful. Remember nothing can make us happy but ourselves, we have the power to do it.

5 Silly things I did while in a relationship, and were not helping me.


Since my early teenage dating years and even into adulthood I always had expectations… of what gifts I am supposed to be getting… of what one needs to do if they love me, and it always had to be exactly on point. From the moment I meet someone and I decide I like them, automatically my expectations skyrocket. My old mindset was that just because someone confesses their love towards me then it means they are perfect and are willing to do all it takes.I always thought that if a guy is going out with me then he wants commitment….(well… wrong).

Now.. here is a fact when it comes to expectations… they suck. Simple fact, things never go the way we expect, especially in relationships, and here is why. In a relationship they are two beings involved, and both of these beings think differently, until and unless both parties have the same desires and expectations, one person’s expectations are just mere expectations with no real outcome. And moreover I had to learn that we can never make one meet up with our expectations if they don’t have the desire, no matter how much we may expect.

2.Hard work

We have all heard of the saying relationships are hard work, its true. But the question is.. what kind of hard work is one putting in and under what circumstances. Because energy put in towards the same goal to archive the same result does not go to waste, it is bound to bring results benefiting both parties. However I used to work hard for relationships which I clearly could see were not leading anywhere, and more so I was the only hardworking party, the other person ain’t that bothered. Eventually I was drained, tired of putting in the work for no recognition, that’s when I discovered that if the relationship is authentic then both people have to work at it.

3.Failure to love myself (and expecting love from outside)

I wish we had some lessons in school regarding relationships, because most of us tend to forget about ourselves the moment we meet the other half. ( or maybe its just me). I had a tendency to work hard in satisfying the other person while ignoring my happiness and things that make me smile. I am talking about money sacrifices, time sacrifices, always available and willing to help. All may sound good but it all downed on me after waking up with depression and was drained because all I have been doing was give (and not receiving anything)

I had to learn that being loved starts with giving love to myself, no one knows what I truly love excerpt myself, nobody out there knows what I want, and neither do I know what the other wants. So as much as I still give myself to others, I no longer choke myself or feel obliged to full-fill a request. Because in essence the love we receive from others is generally based on how we treat and love ourselves. and self love or self appreciation is the gateway to being loved, respected and valued.

4. Ignoring my intuition

We all have an intuition within us, male or female. That intuition is there as a support system, suggesting when to make a move or telling you what is happening, or will happen . Our intuition is part of our higher self, it knows everything. Just like most people, I used to ignore my intuition, that inner voice keeps talking but because as a person I have certain expectations and dreams regarding a relationship, I would get so blinded by “love” to an extent that even when the inner self is pointing the obvious it just doesn’t get any attention. I used to argue with my intuition, I used to think it was my overactive mind being negative again.

And because of ignoring my intuition over my desire I would hold on to a toxic relationship, work hard on making the other happy, but one day it all comes crushing down. So now my intuition is my best friend, I always go by the inner voice and since realising how precise it is I never question it.

5.I forgot to have fun

Yes, I was always working hard to be a perfect woman… girlfriend… support system. I was looking to prove myself that I am wife material. This is all good if you are getting the appreciation, but in my case I wasn’t. And wasn’t having much fun either, I got so focused to pushing the relationship further, forgetting the simple fact that success in a relationship takes two people. I was not doing the things I love doing, and that was silly and exhausting. Everyone needs time for themselves, to just rewind and reflect and catch up with their favourite hobby/friends/movie etc.

There you have it, these are the 5 things I did in relationships and wasn’t awake enough to know they were not of good service to me.

What fear does to you: Never to tolerate fear again

Sometimes as people we tend to be afraid of other people, maybe from certain social backgrounds,(maybe because they are rich or hold a certain education with them), or in certain positions (like manager for example). In truth we are meant to respect people (not fear them), and respect should not take away our freedom of expression, or alter our natural behaviour, it then becomes fear.

Here is what I have noted with fear

It takes away your power

This is an obvious fact which however can go without being noted. In most cases we fear other people and we let them run us over by any means possible. Whether its your boss or your neighbour, we all know no one has a right to intimidate us, but the fact still remains, that we have some people making us exist in fear. When we are afraid of a situation or a person, we automatically move ourselves to a lower level than that which is intimidating us. That obviously pushes the other person above us and so they gain power over us, while in turn we loose our power.

Lets’ take the case of a bully for example. A bully succeeds in the act of bullying because their victim overlooks themselves, they give up on who they are, and so the bully again,.. again… and again succeeds at their self appointed act of bullying. Its only when we give up on fear, decide to rise up to a situation that’s when we get our power back. That power pushes us into a level of confidence, and we all know that confident people barely get bullied or intimidated.

Makes you doubt yourself and most probably quit

We can never be able to stop our mind from being fearful, but we have the ability to control the fearfulness of the mind through channelling our thoughts into a more positive and self empowering state. Lets take an example. Most of us have a fear of “the first time”. First time driving is a good example which I think most of us have experienced or will experience in life. The fear of driving may have made some people be doubtful of themselves, the fear of other drivers or traffic, fear of learning the car itself. This could make anyone doubtful, therefore some may have given up before trying. Embracing a positive thinking is the cure for fear, knowing that at first you will most definitely suck at what you are trying to do,and eventually things will fall right in place, because where there is a will there is a way right.

Inhibits your expansion

Lets imagine if all those highly successful business owners never challenged their fear,they wouldn’t be where they are now right. Fear stops us from growing and reaching new dimensions. If we don go through the turns of life we won’t learn therefore won’t grow. Some people have childhood fears, maybe of abuse.. physical or emotional, some people have phobias, like for example spiders. If such fears are not confronted they keep one in a state of mental prison. We get limited to what we are comfortable with,our desire may be to live beyond the borders, but fear keeps us in.

The way I am learning to deal with fear is to realise that everyone has a fear or two. Nobody is perfect. The fact that no one is aware of the fear does not mean it doesn’t exist. Some people mask their failure, low self esteem or pain through bullying other people, thereby putting the other person in a state of fear.

Wait a minute,why didn’t I learn this in school. 3 Secrets worth knowing:

Our daily lives tend to be narrowed down to school, then work. The human race fills the mind with fancy education so we become employable. But ever wondered if there was more  out there that’s not covered in education, maybe because its “classified information”. The universe is full of energy, we are all energy and so is everything else including knowledge, because it empowers us. Here are the three secrets I stumbled upon while researching the the human and the world around us.

1.Money is energy

Yes lets address money, because I know we all want money right, they say it makes the world go round. For years I went without this knowledge, that money is energy, just like everything else in the universe. So lets dive in. Money carries a certain amazing energy and vibration  to it and that energy has a relationship with our mental, spiritual.. and our physical too. Hence when we don’t have money we have a feeling of lack and we get into a depression mode… makes sense so far?  Secondly, money also responds to our energy and vibration, if we are always complaining about money,.. it just doesn’t like us. Lets be real, how many times have you ranted about being broke and out of space here comes a fiver (probably never), but think of the times when you knew you needed money but didn’t complain about it and guess what, a friend gives you some money. I have done it, and most likely you also have but didn’t take note of how the entire thing played out.

Here is a tried and tested fact, if we are open to money and we create a happy thought about it, then we get to attract it. However if we walk around thinking “money is the root of all evil” then we say goodbye to money before we can even see it.Money can sense our negativity and chaos, nobody and nothing wants to exist in a chaotic place, only negativity alone wants to be there.  I wish someone had said something to me sooner.

2. The power is in the mind

How many of us were taught that our mind is our maker or breaker. I most certainly was never taught to watch my what my mind and take note of its doings. Only now have I understood the power my mind has on creating my reality. Even in church they don’t teach us that when we pray we are actually using our thoughts and words to manifest that what we desire. Without going that far into religion/God,       ( or the universe depending on what you believe)  realise that the mind has been given the power to make what we think come alive, now… without knowing this secret we have gone about creating negativity for ourselves through embracing negative thinking.

Ever noticed that if you think of yourself ill, chances are you will wake up not feeling your best, then you say Oh I knew it from yesterday… but no, it’s because you told your body to be ill (makes sense ??)

Here is another example, in a class we have an intelligent student, and a not so very intelligent one. What makes an intelligent student intelligent?  Is it them not putting in the effort into their studies, or its them knowing that if they put in enough effort they can make it, positive thinking right at play. Therefor we can see how our mind can shape our results, if we say we can’t do something then chances are we wont even try, but if we are keeping an eye on our mind and challenge  the fear of giving it a try then the mind will merely follow.

We can never be in full control of the fearful thoughts, but we can train the mind, and be in charge of what we entertain from the mind, now that we know how much power the mind has in detecting where we go or what come s our way.

3. Grades aren’t everything

A lot of us have gone through life hoping that one day our grades we acquired in school will end up opening new amazing doors for us,.. and yes off course at times they do open doors, but are they that amazing as we had hoped. This issue goes back to when we attend school. We get told that we need to study hard and get good grades for university, and when we get there we also get told to work hard and be first class so companys will grab us quickly for those jobs. But.. here is the fact… how satisfying are those jobs we are meant to work hard for while in education. We walk around as highly educated poor broke people, and yet we all know millionaires that quit school and channeled their energy into what the universe offered them, and guess what, they are obviously doing better financially.

Here is my issue with education, most people are forced to attend school but really their heart is not in it. Such people are not encouraged to stick to the talents the universe gave them. It is only when you do something you love, something that comes natural to you, that’s when you are bound to commitment and excel at it.  If only we were taught to focus on what we are good at, then few of us will be miserable.

So my point is this, all of us have been blessed with gifts, some people are writers, some poets, some musicians, yet some are good with number crunching, some people are good cooks. Take time to find your talent, your blessing, then invest in it and find a way of starting a business or making money out of it. And remember to give it time. The reason why we hate going to work on a nine to five is because we are doing something that we hate, and off course working under some one else, so we feel we have no control.