Addressing the devil within: Imprisoned by my own mind

Since the beginning of time the human mind has been known to be a powerful tool. Even before all the fancy technology, our ancestors had clever ways of creating and surviving, all because of the mind. As fantastic as the mind can be, the same mind has also acted as the “devil” for mankind. The ” devil” is what people blame for the unfortunate events in their lives, as much as some people may believe the devil to be an entity out there in the jungle or space,…we believe it to be an entity working with a remote to destroy us and cause misery, I have also come to believe that the “devil” could also be our mind.

Without wasting time addressing the devil out there, lets address the mind as the devil. The mind is our thought box, and thoughts are energy which can move us positively or negatively, thoughts can make us happy or sad, they can help us put in the work to achieve greatness… or just cause us to slack and reap nothing. With our mindset we can choose to live in heaven… or hell of which can be same as a prison. Here is how my mind put me in jail.


Our childhood is important as it seems to detect where we go as adults. Having spoken to a few adults going through mental issues including myself, I find a common denominator, and that is childhood pains. As much as this can not be used as an excuse it is fact, our childhood tends to shape our thinking, whatever we go through, whatever we are taught at that tender age ( good or bad) tends to stick to our mind and subconscious. As a child I experienced school bullying, every school seems to have a bully or two, these blood sucking nobodies can make anyone exist in fear of other people, from our childhood years extending to our adult years we exist in this mental torture. Anytime we allow fear to take the drivers seat we are in a mental prison.

Most bullying is verbal, which is psychological. Whatever bullies say to their victims, it doesn’t end there, it lives forever because our subconscious absorbs everything, only to retrieve it later on. As strange as it may seem, our mind can absorb information from other people more easily whether we like it or not, then that plays over and over in our minds and we end up believing it. Without mental training the mind responds to negative information about ourselves, we become so hot and bothered about the bad, this is how bullies get the best of us, this programming our mind to make us believe the garbage things they want us to accept about ourselves… BUT are we really what they say we are? Every time we believe what other people say about us, we are again living in a mental prison, we end up becoming what they say we are, other than deciding for ourselves who we are.

Mental prison to me has always been about believing in external forces other than myself, believing that I have no power over my life, believing that there is something out there pushing my life to a certain direction. Mental prison is letting people’s thoughts detect where I go. The devil within refers to thoughts that harm me, thoughts that promote other people however they don’t do so well for me. I never had the knowledge and the understanding of the negative mindset I had, that it was actually working against me. My thinking was manifesting in the physical, and because I lacked information on how the universe works with us I was blaming the devil outside for my misfortunes ( which in-fact I created with my mind). This is how the mind becomes the devil within.

So how did I get past this?

Ok.. I have one word answer for this question, and its reprogramming. Mind reprogramming to me has been about just changing the old habits, going on a journey within and letting go of the pains and baggage. I find that Changing the mindset is a long process that can briefly cause mental warfare, and to explain why this happens, its because the for years and years my mind was used to thinking and believing certain things, and as I work hard to go with the new, my mind wants to default to the old which it is comfortable with. So.. reprogramming requires patience, it requires one to take control of the mind and tell it where to go.

There you have it, if you are like me and have been living in a mental prison and your mind is the devil, its time to try something else. If still living in fear of people places and things, that can change. Good luck friend.