5 easy habits that I have tried and can promote your mental and your spiritual

A happier peaceful and more fulfilling life is what most of us dream of, most of us believe the more money we have then we will be happy, we will have no mental drama right? so we think. To cut it simple, nothing can help anyone elevate their mental and spiritual other than themselves, we have to make this our number one priority. The financial out look ain’t getting better, life still demands a lot from us, so we have no other way than help ourselves, by discovering and implementing these few changes in my life, I have gotten rid of anxiety and depression despite of my ten thousand everyday problems.

  1. Wake up with a smile

Lets face it, its hard to get out of bed sometimes, we have to wake up to bills and extra financial demands we really can do without. And sometimes we have to go to a job we don’t enjoy, so its only fair for one to wake up with a grumpy self. However grumpy we wake up, we still have to face the rubbish emotions that come with the it… we become a prisoner of our own dullness and negative attitude. More over what we do first in the morning detects how our day will be, a grumpy start leads to a grumpy day, hence some people walk around sad, angry and fighting everyone and everything.

So obviously waking up grumpy isn’t the best choice, so change it a little, try smiling or even laughing,.. (they will say you are crazy but they will also laugh because you are laughing ). No matter what one is going through, a smile can change the internal environment of anyone. Remember we have no control of what happens out there, but we can control it by controlling our internal which means whatever is going outside of us does not affect us as long as we keep the internal at peace. Smiling can trick the brain into thinking something good is happening, thereby releasing happy hormones. And once you are happy in the morning, the stage is yours baby, you good to fly. NOTHING WILL TOUCH YOU.

2. Meditate

Surely we have all heard of meditation, there are a lot of books, web sites and videos on meditation, some say do it this way but not that way, the law of ” the right vs wrong”. Having done mediation for a while now, I would say this to a beginner or someone interested,.. there is no right way or wrong way to mediation but there is one goal to aim for, and that is to “CALM DOWN THE MIND”. Meditation to me is about calming my inner self, listening to my thoughts without making it a choice to think. I learn that if we give the mind a chance to wonder, it will get tired and eventually come to a stand still, and when it does I find that our higher self comes takes over, giving us advice and universal secrets, now that the mind is not jumping about causing distractions.

I found that doing meditation as soon as I wake up helps get rid of “junk mail” in my head, it eliminates brain noise and useless thinking, leaving my brain to receive important messages from the cosmos. As I mentioned that there is no right or wrong in meditation, some people do active meditation, they use yoga, running, walking to clear the mind. While some people such as myself choose to sit down (the Buddhism way) and engage the mind. Its all up to you, whatever works.

3.Think less/walk more

As the health gurus would say “eat less..move more”. I say for a better mind “think less and move more”. Just as I mentioned above, some people take active meditation. I found out that walking is good meditation, it is physically less demanding , again there is no right way or wrong way to walking.. ( as long as your eyes are open to see where you are going). I find that walking allows my brain to wonder off and eventually come to a halt without me forcing it. I choose to walk to work at times because unlike driving I do not need to concentrate on anything and I will still be safe.

Walking requires one to go out, the advantage to this is we get to breath in outdoor air which is free of indoor heat from radiators, And again as we walk the body takes in more oxygen of which studies have shown that the brain uses more of the oxygen than the muscles. Moreover walking burns calories, why not kill two birds with one stone.

4. Be an early bird

Waking up at 5 o’clock or 6 has never been a favourite thing to do, I used to spend my entire morning in bed, only to wake up midday. But then I made a realisation that every time I wake up midday my body gets more tired, a bit sluggish compared to the days I am forced to rise early due to work or other commitments. And so I challenged myself to work up at 5am, fairly speaking this is easy to do during summer, in winter it is the hardest thing, but very rewarding in two ways.

First, it gets more work done early. leaving the rest of day free to chill and do whats really important to us. Secondly the mind is more powerful and creative during the early hours of the morning, so if you have some creative work to do such as writing (music, poems, blogs, books) or studying, this is the best time.

Moreover our mind can easily download information from the universe, however a fresh “clutter free”mind is the best in downloading universal secrets. But it goes without saying, waking up early is based on one having an early bedtime, there is no magic to that. Our mind can not be tricked, it knows how many hours of sleep we’ve had, even if we want to force it with coffee it really doesn’t comply very well.

5. The old song about “diet”

Yes.. this is a song that so many of us never want to hear, simply because whenever someone is addressing diet they are talking about weight lose and beauty. Now.. a lot of us have tried all sorts of diets available on the shelf but none have worked so whenever the word”diet” pops up no one wants to hear. BUT here I am addressing diet, I am talking about going for superfoods that are good for the mind. Foods that also elevate our energy and boost the mind so it naturally downloads that infor from the universe. Foods such as wheatgrass, spirulina, goji berries, broccoli etc. Water is also good for the brain as it washes away toxins, leaving it receptive to guidance.

So we may struggle to get rid of the pounds, but surely we can focus on boosting the mental, and we can all benefit from a more happier intelligent brain, and a balanced spiritual aspect of us.

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