What fear does to you: Never to tolerate fear again

Sometimes as people we tend to be afraid of other people, maybe from certain social backgrounds,(maybe because they are rich or hold a certain education with them), or in certain positions (like manager for example). In truth we are meant to respect people (not fear them), and respect should not take away our freedom of expression, or alter our natural behaviour, it then becomes fear.

Here is what I have noted with fear

It takes away your power

This is an obvious fact which however can go without being noted. In most cases we fear other people and we let them run us over by any means possible. Whether its your boss or your neighbour, we all know no one has a right to intimidate us, but the fact still remains, that we have some people making us exist in fear. When we are afraid of a situation or a person, we automatically move ourselves to a lower level than that which is intimidating us. That obviously pushes the other person above us and so they gain power over us, while in turn we loose our power.

Lets’ take the case of a bully for example. A bully succeeds in the act of bullying because their victim overlooks themselves, they give up on who they are, and so the bully again,.. again… and again succeeds at their self appointed act of bullying. Its only when we give up on fear, decide to rise up to a situation that’s when we get our power back. That power pushes us into a level of confidence, and we all know that confident people barely get bullied or intimidated.

Makes you doubt yourself and most probably quit

We can never be able to stop our mind from being fearful, but we have the ability to control the fearfulness of the mind through channelling our thoughts into a more positive and self empowering state. Lets take an example. Most of us have a fear of “the first time”. First time driving is a good example which I think most of us have experienced or will experience in life. The fear of driving may have made some people be doubtful of themselves, the fear of other drivers or traffic, fear of learning the car itself. This could make anyone doubtful, therefore some may have given up before trying. Embracing a positive thinking is the cure for fear, knowing that at first you will most definitely suck at what you are trying to do,and eventually things will fall right in place, because where there is a will there is a way right.

Inhibits your expansion

Lets imagine if all those highly successful business owners never challenged their fear,they wouldn’t be where they are now right. Fear stops us from growing and reaching new dimensions. If we don go through the turns of life we won’t learn therefore won’t grow. Some people have childhood fears, maybe of abuse.. physical or emotional, some people have phobias, like for example spiders. If such fears are not confronted they keep one in a state of mental prison. We get limited to what we are comfortable with,our desire may be to live beyond the borders, but fear keeps us in.

The way I am learning to deal with fear is to realise that everyone has a fear or two. Nobody is perfect. The fact that no one is aware of the fear does not mean it doesn’t exist. Some people mask their failure, low self esteem or pain through bullying other people, thereby putting the other person in a state of fear.