Wait a minute,why didn’t I learn this in school. 3 Secrets worth knowing:

Our daily lives tend to be narrowed down to school, then work. The human race fills the mind with fancy education so we become employable. But ever wondered if there was more  out there that’s not covered in education, maybe because its “classified information”. The universe is full of energy, we are all energy and so is everything else including knowledge, because it empowers us. Here are the three secrets I stumbled upon while researching the the human and the world around us.

1.Money is energy

Yes lets address money, because I know we all want money right, they say it makes the world go round. For years I went without this knowledge, that money is energy, just like everything else in the universe. So lets dive in. Money carries a certain amazing energy and vibration  to it and that energy has a relationship with our mental, spiritual.. and our physical too. Hence when we don’t have money we have a feeling of lack and we get into a depression mode… makes sense so far?  Secondly, money also responds to our energy and vibration, if we are always complaining about money,.. it just doesn’t like us. Lets be real, how many times have you ranted about being broke and out of space here comes a fiver (probably never), but think of the times when you knew you needed money but didn’t complain about it and guess what, a friend gives you some money. I have done it, and most likely you also have but didn’t take note of how the entire thing played out.

Here is a tried and tested fact, if we are open to money and we create a happy thought about it, then we get to attract it. However if we walk around thinking “money is the root of all evil” then we say goodbye to money before we can even see it.Money can sense our negativity and chaos, nobody and nothing wants to exist in a chaotic place, only negativity alone wants to be there.  I wish someone had said something to me sooner.

2. The power is in the mind

How many of us were taught that our mind is our maker or breaker. I most certainly was never taught to watch my what my mind and take note of its doings. Only now have I understood the power my mind has on creating my reality. Even in church they don’t teach us that when we pray we are actually using our thoughts and words to manifest that what we desire. Without going that far into religion/God,       ( or the universe depending on what you believe)  realise that the mind has been given the power to make what we think come alive, now… without knowing this secret we have gone about creating negativity for ourselves through embracing negative thinking.

Ever noticed that if you think of yourself ill, chances are you will wake up not feeling your best, then you say Oh I knew it from yesterday… but no, it’s because you told your body to be ill (makes sense ??)

Here is another example, in a class we have an intelligent student, and a not so very intelligent one. What makes an intelligent student intelligent?  Is it them not putting in the effort into their studies, or its them knowing that if they put in enough effort they can make it, positive thinking right at play. Therefor we can see how our mind can shape our results, if we say we can’t do something then chances are we wont even try, but if we are keeping an eye on our mind and challenge  the fear of giving it a try then the mind will merely follow.

We can never be in full control of the fearful thoughts, but we can train the mind, and be in charge of what we entertain from the mind, now that we know how much power the mind has in detecting where we go or what come s our way.

3. Grades aren’t everything

A lot of us have gone through life hoping that one day our grades we acquired in school will end up opening new amazing doors for us,.. and yes off course at times they do open doors, but are they that amazing as we had hoped. This issue goes back to when we attend school. We get told that we need to study hard and get good grades for university, and when we get there we also get told to work hard and be first class so companys will grab us quickly for those jobs. But.. here is the fact… how satisfying are those jobs we are meant to work hard for while in education. We walk around as highly educated poor broke people, and yet we all know millionaires that quit school and channeled their energy into what the universe offered them, and guess what, they are obviously doing better financially.

Here is my issue with education, most people are forced to attend school but really their heart is not in it. Such people are not encouraged to stick to the talents the universe gave them. It is only when you do something you love, something that comes natural to you, that’s when you are bound to commitment and excel at it.  If only we were taught to focus on what we are good at, then few of us will be miserable.

So my point is this, all of us have been blessed with gifts, some people are writers, some poets, some musicians, yet some are good with number crunching, some people are good cooks. Take time to find your talent, your blessing, then invest in it and find a way of starting a business or making money out of it. And remember to give it time. The reason why we hate going to work on a nine to five is because we are doing something that we hate, and off course working under some one else, so we feel we have no control.