Starting something new: How to support yourself when nobody else does

Lets assume you want to start a new or want to advance your education..whatever you fancy, how many of us in this day and age will be brave to continue without any support at all? We have been led to believe in numbers, so the more people give us the push the more successful we feel we will be. The numbers have no role to play in the success, but generally this is how the mind works. However,  lets look at a scenario were one has a dream to start whatever they desire but they lack in numbers,how does that person program the mind to work without any support. Having been there and still doing it, here are some of the principles I have applied.

  • Realise its all about you

When no one is there to scratch your back and give you that push, just think back to when you had the first thought of doing that what you are trying to do, probably no one was there at the time but that didn’t stop the thought, so why the hack stop because no one believes in your dream.  And more so do make a realisation that if all has been said and done, and you have reached the end, you have the benefits of enjoying the fruits of your labour all by yourself,… sounds good right.

  • Not everyone understands your dream

I have learnt that people tend to support something they know, something that has been done before, the most common things. Let us look at an example, a child growing up in a family of nurses and doctors is bound to get support if they say they want to be a nurse or doctor, ..but what if they suggest that they would rather be a comedian,…uh now the mood in the room changes, basically that child will not get much support for that surely. Then that child grows  to be a nurse ( a miserable one for that matter) because they have been pushed into it. So instead of being angry and resentful towards people ( this is the first feeling we get), realise that no one around you has a clue of that what you want to do. I would suggest you teach them a thing or two about your dream.. right

  • Understand that the support people give is based their capabilities, no yours

Oh yes this is it, very common. Ever had someone come to you and say “I cant do this,so I don’t think you can either”. Ever wanted to go for a certain degree and you have family suggest something else which they feel they can do. Society does not realise that we all have a destiny and its unique to each and every one of us. Life gets easy if you know what your destiny is, and the only way of knowing is through listening to your gut feeling, tapping into your higher self and pushing for what you are by your inner self, and not going with the masses.

  • Love yourself…believe in yourself

This goes without saying.. loving yourself is all about doing whats’ best for you, putting yourself ahead, having a stubborn mind when it comes to your dreams. With enough self-love, no one can push you off the wagon. Once you have learnt to love yourself you then can believe in your own powers, you can be your own magician, then you won’t need that support after all.

  • Give yourself a little credit

Some of us are so good at bullying ourselves, unless and until we have a friend coming to congratulate our effort we will keep talking ourselves down. If no one is supporting that dream it’s even more important to pat yourself at the back once in a while. Congratulate yourself for doing it alone when others are getting all the help they need. Again, understand that we live in a competitive world so if you are doing well on your dream which no one believes in, most probably very few (if not none) are happy with you progress, so remember to credit yourself as you put in the work.

  • Remember, failing is when you don’t try

The fear of failing is what sets some of us back. The mind is afraid of failure, most cases we are afraid of what people will say. But to me failure is when I give up or don’t try at all, remember the primary school song” try try try again, if at first you don’t succeed keep trying). Its only when we walk away from our dreams that’s when they die, and that’s when we fail, but surely if we keep at it the universe is bound to bless us for our patience and hard work.

 Therefore, bottom line is never give up because you have no one in your corner, the training you get while walking alone will last you a lifetime.

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