How to deal with bad days causing extra emotional baggage that’s weighing you down

From time to time life has a tendency of throwing fire balls at each and every one of us, and I am sure we can all relate. From loosing keys, …a tire puncture…to failing an exam to loosing a job. What starts  off as a small minor problem ends up in our spirit crushing us down and whats worse is we can’t wake up from this trauma. Being a human being like all I can honestly say I have had such problematic days and still do. But what have I learnt about these fire balls and even more important, how do I stop them from clouding my emotional state. Lets dive in.

1.When bad things happen learn to take the punch

The human mind is always in resistance, always going against gravity, most of us never want to accept a situation, is what we are all about. I was too, until the universe kicked my butt and I woke up. Only to realise that at times there is no need to fight, just take the punch. I have mastered the fact that everything in the universe happens for a reason, for us to move from one position into the other there is need for one gate to close, that automatically pushes us into a position of working towards a new gate. So when things we consider as “bad” happen, they may not be bad after all, it’s just a sign for even better things to come.

And more so I find that if I accept a situation, my mind quickly gets over it, there for does not create baggage in my emotional and spiritual self.

2. Take a break

Here is a situation, assuming you have been working on a business and for a while things have been fantastic, then for some reason one day you wake up and.. Oh my word your business has lost huge money. Now.. the first course of action for a human will be to get back on the horse immediately and fight hard to recover the loses. But wait…. how is the state of mind at this point, you are obviously still disheartened  and are bound to make dangerous moves. so I learnt that when things fall apart, its wise to give yourself a break. This does not mean giving up and walking away, but it just means you are recalibrating. Focusing on less demanding things such as our hobbies allows our mind to generate  new ideas and solutions to the more important everyday problems. Walking does it for me (and off course sleeping).

3.Enjoy the journey

Lets’ be honest, most of us tend to focus on the destination ignoring everything else and we even get impatient,  but let me say this..the destination does not have much to teach us, the lessons are in the journey, the valleys we cross, the mountains we climb, what makes us strong is not the destination but the journey. As we endure the challenges of what we want to accomplish…right there lays our growth. As much as it sounds unreal, try enjoying the bad days or negative moments of the journey and the more we enjoy those the lesser of a negative impact they will have on our emotional and spiritual elements.

4. Stay focused

As much as I said earlier on that we should take a break, here I am encouraging you to stay focused. Being focused is all about not letting the dream die because one has hit a plateau or challenge. How many of us have started a project, only to give up and walk away from it because we have hit a hump, but then after a while we regret and we become emotional after noticing that we have let ourselves down. Focusing on what we desire means we are living our true purpose, and that is good for our mental well-being, knowing that we are not being held against our will.

5 When bad days hit…seek help (know your buddies)

Sounds too obvious right, but here is a point to emphasise on. Show by hands, how many of us have gone about telling people our problems, and only to find that those people can not help but they have gone about gossiping about our problems. Having wrong people know about our challenges does not make anyone feel good about themselves, so here is the trick… always remember who is on your side…talk to people who have something positive to say and more so want the best for you and are ready to give their all for a greater you.

6.Just express the feelings

Society expects us to be all happy and smiley all the time to the point that we have just been programmed to behave like we are fine even though NOTHING is working. Being in denial of our feelings can be detrimental to our emotional health. Not so long ago I had a habit of masking my emotions and it was emotionally draining, I was always this person who is smiling and OK with everything even when nothing was working for me. But having undergone a wake up period I have learnt to shout and scream if I need to, I express exactly how I feel on the inside. Masking our feelings and pretending like all is good can create blockages within our chakra system, and leads to depression. So let it out, curse if you feel like, that does not make you a bad person.

So there you have it, these are the new ways I cope with life’ twists and turns,ensuring I keep my mind and spirit in check. It’s never easy but I find it works.